R25 Event Creation Form, Now with Web Services

On March 12, 2010 I will (be giving)/(have given) a presentation on some work I did with R25 using web services.

The presentations title is ‘Using Web Services to Create Events.’

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Facebook Your Portal: Chronological Content vs. Pagelet Content

Recently I gave a presentation for the HEUG Alliance conference.  Since the HEUG website is fairly closed doors, I thought I would post the description, and my power point presentation here.


This presentation will examine MICA’s switch to a portal based on events triggered by changes to a person’s Enrollment, Finance, and HR records. These events are then listed chronologically and contain links to direct calls to action.

This approach is more commonly seen on blog posts and social networking sites, but not portals which rely heavily on spatially sorted pagelet based content. This is a better organizational model since end-users are more interested in current events than the second pagelet to the right. Direct calls to action allow easier navigation to the PeopleSoft components that people are then interested in.

This concept was implemented with the use of the RSS standard, so that feeds from Campus Solutions, and Human Resources could be threaded and sorted together with other news sources on campus.