Introducing the Justice Department and Oracle

I was listening to a report this morning on NPR which was talking about how the Justice Dept. Plans Stronger Antitrust Push.  A lot of this seems to be focusing on Microsoft and Google.   While it’s true that Google seems more like a force to be reconed with these days I feel that there is one other company that should be included in this list: Oracle.

Oracle has recently published Sun (Hardware, OS, Java Platform), BEA (Java Application Stack), PeopleSoft (ERP), and many others.  This has effectively put them in the position where they own every product used to make many of the fortune 500 companies run.  Owning the Java Platform could also have the potential of being abused in a way that puts their competitors at a disadvantage.

I wonder how long it will be before Oracle is talking with the new Sherif in town.

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