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Programatically Accessing the Forms Authentication Timout from the web.config

I’ve been working on creating a session time out popup for our upcoming portal release.  While I wanted to run the script through my own javascript, I had a little trouble finding the actual property.  Eventually I found a dead page cached with the code that will retrieve the Forms Authentication Timout variable.  I’m reposting the code for prosperities sake.

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Deconstructing Binaries

.NET Reflector Icon

Moments ago I realized I had deleted all of the source code for my provisioning scripts that run MIIS. After a moment of panic, I quickly realized that I still had my compiled DLL–now if only I could wrangle the source code out of it.  After a quick search, I found this awesome piece of software that will decompile your DLLs into C# .NET code.

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Uninstalling MIIS SP2

Microsoft Forefront LogoI ran into a small quirk while trying to uninstall MIIS SP2 using the ‘remove’ option in the installer.  When trying to remove MIIS, I got the error that I had provided the wrong credentials (I can’t remember the specifics, either wrong account, or wrong password).

In order to get around this, I had to:

  1. Run the Installer
  2. Select “Configure” from the initial screen–instead of remove.
  3. Type in my login credentials here, and click next.
  4. Hit back twice to bring me back to the initial screen.
  5. Select “Remove” instead of “Configure” this time.
  6. Next your way through the rest of the uninstall.

Debugging Domain Trust Issues

Trust written on a stone.

Recently we had to redo our development network, so that we can work on our account provisioning to include exchange support. Ultimately we had to rebuild our Active Directory server. In order to migrate our existing accounts from our production environment. To do this, you need to establish a Trust between our two domains, and use the Active Directory Migration Tool.  The process of rebuilding our Active Directory server disrupted our ability to establish a Trust between our two domains.
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vb.NET Email Code Example

Visual Studio LogoIf there is one thing that burns me, it’s code examples that don’t work. I recently stumbled across some broken code for vb.NET to sends emails. Look, I know this example is from 2003, but if people are going to comment suggestions on how to make your example code work, the least you can do is update it. Also, it irks me that this page was #1 on Google when I searched for it. Read the rest of this post »

Breaking Auto Format in Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio LogoGot a quickie today.  After last weeks stink in *nix administration, I am grounded back into the Microsoft way.  I have to say, I do like Visual Studio as a development environment.  I have run into a small, but annoying quirk with the program.

Normally the command CTRL-K, CTRL-D will auto format your code in a very satisfying, and pleasing manner if Visual Studio has broken down in auto-formatting your text.

However, this seems to mess up sometimes if you paste large chunks of code into your document.  After doing so, you may see an error message like this at the bottom:

ctrl+k, ctrl+d is bound to command format document which is not currently available

To work around this, save your changes and reopen the document.