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Over 5 Minutes » Microsoft Forefront

Microsoft Identity Crisis

Microsoft Forefront LogoMicrosoft has been developer software that helps keep Digital Identities (like account data, email accounts, etc) synchronized.  This piece of software has been having some Identity issues of its own, as I have recently discovered that it has yet again gone through some rebranding again.

In the last couple of years this application has gone through the names of:

It would have been nice if they hired some additional developers to finish the ILM 2 Beta up before rebranding the product again.

Uninstalling MIIS SP2

Microsoft Forefront LogoI ran into a small quirk while trying to uninstall MIIS SP2 using the ‘remove’ option in the installer.  When trying to remove MIIS, I got the error that I had provided the wrong credentials (I can’t remember the specifics, either wrong account, or wrong password).

In order to get around this, I had to:

  1. Run the Installer
  2. Select “Configure” from the initial screen–instead of remove.
  3. Type in my login credentials here, and click next.
  4. Hit back twice to bring me back to the initial screen.
  5. Select “Remove” instead of “Configure” this time.
  6. Next your way through the rest of the uninstall.