Dynamically Creating a CSR & Private Key in .NET

This one was a bit tricky–it took me two days to figure this out, and when I figured it out I didn’t even realize I was close to the solution.  When I initially started working on this, I was looking into using an OpenSSL port to windows called OpenSSL.NET.  The pure ASCII look of this page should be a good indication of how many other alternatives there are out there.  Eventually I found The Legion of Bouncy Castle, and stumbled onto a solution.  Initially I discredited looking at this option too thoroughly due to the name–but again, because of the lack of how many good alternatives out there it became a steady contender.

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Camila & Gustavo’s Wedding

 There were a couple happenings for Camila & Gustavo’s wedding.  On Friday they had their legal wedding, and on the following Sunday they had their Wedding Party.

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Touch Down in Argentina

After a brief delay at the airport due to some serious thunder storms we touch down a couple hours late from our redeye.

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Mystery IPA

My last batch of beer (which I actually started close to 10 months ago) has just been kegged.  After being the king-of-slack and not racking it for 10 months, it’s finally finished. These notes indicate that it was an IPA, though it is dark as all hell.

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Peach Mead


Peeled, @ pitted fruit.  Froze Peaches over night, and put in the refrigerator in the morning.  Blended at night.  Added 2 gallons of water, 4 campden tables, and 2 tablespoons of pectic enzyme, and let sit over night.

Yielded roughly 3 gallons of peachy water. at 1.030 gravity liquid.  After that I was too lazy to work on the beer again the next day, so I dropped 4 more campden tablets to keep it sterile.  I believe this was a mistake.

The next day I boiled ~2 gallons of water with 1 quart of honey, and added that to the peach liquid bringing the OG up to around 1.035.

Began fermentation with white wine yeast.  Final gravity around 1.001, yielding ~4.5% alcohol.  There was a bit of a smell that accompanied the wine, though it tasted ok.  At 3 months it was incredibly acidic.  I suspect that both the smell and the acidity is related to the campden tablets.  At about 6 months, the acidity had cut out and it was quite pleasant.  Around 1 year there started to be some white stuff suspended in the liquid.

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Enabling SSL in Epicor ITSM

We’ve recently granted access to Epicor to an outside company.  After opening up access over SSL for the company, we found that our setup was not quite right.  In addition to hitting a checkbox, there are a couple XML files you need to edit.

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Programatically Accessing the Forms Authentication Timout from the web.config

I’ve been working on creating a session time out popup for our upcoming portal release.  While I wanted to run the script through my own javascript, I had a little trouble finding the actual property.  Eventually I found a dead page cached with the code that will retrieve the Forms Authentication Timout variable.  I’m reposting the code for prosperities sake.

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Brilliant SEO Tactics

I went looking for some Credit Card logos the other day to display on some web forms, and I found this awesome scam of a site.  If you’re not paying attention, and you copy and paste their code you are secretly improving the SEO of some random law firm, http://www.criminalattorneys.com.

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Getting AnkhSVN to Work with an Umbraco Solution

Recently I have been developing a .NET portal, using the Umbraco CMS.  Having gotten a couple parts of the application set up, I decided that it would be a good idea to get SVN set up with my code.  In order to get my Umbraco installation set up, I created several masterpages, a slightly modified version of the CSS Friendly web controls, a couple custom controls to be used in their embeded WYSIWYG editor, and a couple static  images and CSS files.  Suffice to say, I hit a snag.

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Job Hunting Advice

Recently I have been hired by EdgeWeb Hosting.  Through my job hunting over the last year, I think I have added a couple additional things to my personal advice I give people.

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