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Making Hard Cider

We went apple picking on the last day of the season over at Rock Hill Orchard on 10/27/2012.  Their trees were pretty young, which was a little disappointing.  I can’t tell if in my youth apple trees were gigantic because I was small, or if they were actually relatively large trees.  Read the rest of this post »

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Peach Wine, Take Two


Pealed and pitted the peaches.  Next time I think I will need to cut out the inner red part of the peach–it provides a bit of bitterness that could be avoided.  4 boxes of peaches fits in roughly 10 gallons of bucket.

Boiled 2 gallons of water, and put about one in each container.  In addition, I added 2 crushed campden tablets, and 2 1/2 teaspoons of pectic enzyme to each container.  Let it sit over night.  A peachy clear liquid will separate to the bottom, with a peach sludge at the top.  The peach sludge had a pretty significant amount of liquid left in it that was not salvaged this go around.  I mixed champaign yeast with some warm water and a bit of the peach juice run-off for a starter and pitched it.

Original Gravity: 1.036 — This is disappointing, and similar to the numbers I got last time (though slightly higher).

Notes for next time:

4 boxes of peaches is sufficient, but do not add any more water then necessary for blending.  Get two large cheese cloth bag to filter all the blended peach through, and make sure to gently squeeze out the liquid–hopefully this will raise the OG.  The bucket with the spigot on it leaks if left full of liquid over night–make sure the washer is tight prior to filling.  An open container is most likely necessary in order to squeeze out the peach pulp–two open containers will be necessary for 4 boxes of fruit.

10/21/2012 update: Bottled with a Final Gravity of 1.01

11/4/2012 update: Bottles have settled out more to about half way.  I’m thinking next time I will need to let it sit for at least 3 months in a fermenter.

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Mystery IPA

My last batch of beer (which I actually started close to 10 months ago) has just been kegged.  After being the king-of-slack and not racking it for 10 months, it’s finally finished. These notes indicate that it was an IPA, though it is dark as all hell.

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Peach Mead


Peeled, @ pitted fruit.  Froze Peaches over night, and put in the refrigerator in the morning.  Blended at night.  Added 2 gallons of water, 4 campden tables, and 2 tablespoons of pectic enzyme, and let sit over night.

Yielded roughly 3 gallons of peachy water. at 1.030 gravity liquid.  After that I was too lazy to work on the beer again the next day, so I dropped 4 more campden tablets to keep it sterile.  I believe this was a mistake.

The next day I boiled ~2 gallons of water with 1 quart of honey, and added that to the peach liquid bringing the OG up to around 1.035.

Began fermentation with white wine yeast.  Final gravity around 1.001, yielding ~4.5% alcohol.  There was a bit of a smell that accompanied the wine, though it tasted ok.  At 3 months it was incredibly acidic.  I suspect that both the smell and the acidity is related to the campden tablets.  At about 6 months, the acidity had cut out and it was quite pleasant.  Around 1 year there started to be some white stuff suspended in the liquid.

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