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Over 5 Minutes » River Safari

River Safari

This morning we milled around the house getting over our jet lag.  In the afternoon we walked down to the river close to the house with Dhanarathna.  It was incredibly hot.  I think Sri Lanka is hotter now then when I was last here in December–or it’s also possible I’ve gotten more accustomed to AC living, or was almost exclusively at the beach last time.

There were a couple birds and small crabs to be seen along the river.  The river was brown and teeming with squid, and fish.

As we walked the path began to wind up a hill, and Dhanarathna told me that he was not sure we could continue, since there was a house up on top of the hill now.  At the top not only did we find a house, but someone had dug out the side of the hill to build another.

My cousin pulled a strange fruit from a tree and told us it was called a gorka.  It was reddish, with a wavy skin like an accordion.  We cracked the skin by pressing it gently between our palms.  The skin was thick–maybe a half inch or an inch thick with a texture similar to a star fruit or dragon fruit.  Inside the fruit looked a little like a blood orange, with a seed in the middle.  It started out a little sweet, but then rapidly became bitter.  It left a tacky coating in my mouth for around 10 minutes, and my hands sticky.

We approached the house, and Dhanarathna chatted with a woman in the yard for a couple minutes.  After, he came to us and said it was ok to use the path behind their house to continue our climb.  At the top we reached another road, dotted with houses.  After a quick bend in the road we walked around a house and saw a great sweeping view of the river below.

There was a hawk sitting on a downed log.  As we went to leave, he swooped oer at us and landed just a couple paces away.  Its hard to say if he was trying to be friendly or territorial.  Either way, being that close to a bird of prey, seeing the ruffle in his feathers, and the glint in his eye as he cocked his head was amazing.  We joked that he was the pet of whoever lived in that house as we walked away.

That evening we went to the sea.  The waves were huge, and crashed angrily on the beach.  They would crest out by the coral, and not stop until they slamming down on the shore.  Since it was high tide we were looking at the ocean during the roughest time of day.  Even still, I could tell that the gentle waves that I remembered so fondly from December and January had been replaced by the tough love of July and August.  Emma will need to learn to dive at Tricomalee, and we will need to spend a little more time there.

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  1. Barbie - August 2, 2014

    Awsum job with all you write

  2. Ben Liyanage - August 2, 2014

    Thanks. I have more written but it’s hard to find the time to get it all on the internet.

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