Touch Down in Argentina

After a brief delay at the airport due to some serious thunder storms we touch down a couple hours late from our redeye.

Of course this means we have missed our check in with the apartment that we are renting, but its not too bad since Camila was with us.  Initially she calls our landlord and bitched them out for not leaving someone at ourp lace cause our flight was delayed.  As her call continued she begins to become concerned as they did’t have our reservation.  Then suddenly it becomes apparent that she did not call our landlord, but her old landlord.  After calling the right landlord and a couple of laughs, things get straightened out and we get settled in.

Camila heads off to get ready for her bachelorette party, and we take a nap and get cleaned up for a night on the town.  One thing that is a little weird about being in Argentina is that people do not really go out to eat until 8 or 9 at the earliest.  Having a casual dinner at 11 or 12 is not uncalled for, followed by a couple drinks out on the town before going out to really party at a dance club after 2 or 3.  Camila warned us that prior to 2 or 3 it would be all the kids out at the dance clubs.  We went out around 6, had an irish coffee (mistake–should have just been coffee), followed by a beer at a local bar for their Happy Hour special (mistake), grabbed a cheese plate at a plaza in Palermo and drank two bottles of wine, and then hit a couple bars before going to Kika (Kiko?)–a dance club.  We probably showed up at kiko around 12-1, and I have to say it was packed with kids.  Feeling pretty sloshed we went home and passed.

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  1. Eleanor Merz - September 23, 2011

    I always say, travel is hard work.

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