Camila & Gustavo’s Wedding

 There were a couple happenings for Camila & Gustavo’s wedding.  On Friday they had their legal wedding, and on the following Sunday they had their Wedding Party.

Friday we headed down to the court house for the legal wedding.  The courthouse had been closed, because there was a bomb threat on it.  People joked tensely that it was probably because someone did not want to get married.  Despite the threat, wedding certificates were still being issued, and there was a long line for it as well.   The actual legal wedding took far longer then I was expecting, as the official who did the wedding read the entire law (or so I’m told–my Spanish is non-existent) regarding marriage.  There was a bit of laughter as he asked if they were living together, since Camila lives in the US and Gustavo is in Buenos Aires.  We witnesses got out of the building first, and assaulted them with rice as they exited the building.  I know we have this tradition in the US too, but I am not really sure of the symbolism involved.

Earlier that week the weather forcast for sunday had been all doom-and-gloom for rain, but it had shook itself out on Saturday and Sunday was shaping up to be a very nice day.  We got a ride to the wedding party with Juan who is a colleague of Gustavo.  Both he and his wife were very friendly, giving us all sorts of advice for places to go, or shop.  They recommended we check out some outlet shopping in the neighborhood (Villa Crespo) next to ours (Palermo).   We arrived about an hours car ride outside Buenos Aires in a town that has that rustic kind of atmosphere (crazy drivers, mostly paved roads, some nice houses, some houses that are a mess).

The property that the party was at was fairly large, and fenced in.  There was a bouncing pen set up for the kids, a couple of soccer nets set up for some close and personal soccer, a little look out tower, a Foosball table and a ping pong table.  People were dressed from suits to jeans and long sleeve shirts, casually standing around while chatting and drinking champagne or wine.  There were some finger foods floating around that people were nibbling on.

Camila showed up a couple hours later in her wedding dress.  The ceremony was simple, and consisted of her walking down a path in the garden, and Gustavo embracing her.  Her friends and family cheered, and gathered ’round giving words of praise and cheek-to-cheek kisses.  Then the dancing began ala the Married couples First Dance.  Camila’s father jumped in soon there after, and then everyone was on the dance floor. I was kind of surprised that dancing started so soon, because it always seems like dancing at American weddings starts after several hours of drinking, and a meal to take out those that are weak of heart.  After drinking, snacking and dancing some more launch is served.

Emma and I sit with Patricio who is a friend of a friend who works at the University of Maryland Medical Campus.  He is a fairly jovial fellow with a stereotypical Argentinian salt-and-peppered beard.  He tells us over lunch that this is a very nontraditional wedding in Argentina.  Beyond the lack of a religious ceremony (which was a pleasant surprise that almost immediately seemed to put everyone at ease), Argentinian weddings tend to start late, involve dancing all night, and culminate in breakfast served the next morning for those who were still standing.

After lunch there is more dancing, followed by cake and desert, followed by more dancing.  Argentinian deserts all seem to center around this amazing caramel that they make, being layered on top of pastries on top of chocolate on top of caramel.

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  1. Eleanor Merz - September 23, 2011

    Hi Ben and Emma,
    I just read your email more carefully, and saw that you were posting to your web site. This is terrific! It all sounds wonderful, especially that wedding cake!Thanks for writing all this. Grammy

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  3. Samathapala - September 26, 2011

    wedding cake look’s very nice…Have a fun you two..

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