Mystery IPA

My last batch of beer (which I actually started close to 10 months ago) has just been kegged.  After being the king-of-slack and not racking it for 10 months, it’s finally finished. These notes indicate that it was an IPA, though it is dark as all hell.

I suspect it was an IPA, however my brew notes are exceptionally desolate, containing the following comments:

1 lb Wheat Malt

6.0 Saaz

1.068 OG

1.020 FG

Clearly I put more then just that in it.  It’s come out fairly chocolatey, and nothing like an IPA as I had a taste preview while siphoning it into my keg.  Based on the gravity, this should be a ~7% beer, though the airlock was empty for much of that 10 months after the water evaporated so I am skeptical of that reading.I plan on kegging it at 20PSI since the last beer (which I have no notes of) was way flat at 10 PSI, and seemed waaaay too carbonated at 30 PSI at room temperature (though my chart seemed to indicate that it would be less so once it was chilled…).

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