Enabling SSL in Epicor ITSM

We’ve recently granted access to Epicor to an outside company.  After opening up access over SSL for the company, we found that our setup was not quite right.  In addition to hitting a checkbox, there are a couple XML files you need to edit.

The first thing you have to do (after setting up SSL on your server) is click “Security” on the Web Service Configuration Utility.  Then hit the “Allow Clientele to use HTTPS” checkbox.

You might think you were finished after this.  You’re not.  You will also have to update 3 XML files so that they have the right URL to your server, including the https.  The files are:

  1. Program Files\Epicor\ITSM\Web Service Config Utility\Source\Application\ApplicationConfiguration.xml
  2. Program Files (x86)\Epicor\ITSM\License Server\EpicorITSM\Application\ApplicationConfiguration.xml
  3. Program Files (x86)\Epicor\ITSM\License Server\EpicorITSM\Application\WebServiceProxy.xml

After that you need to rerun the Clientele Configuration wizard.

November 1, 2010 • Tags: , • Posted in: Technology

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