Shipwreck Diving is Awesome

Friday’s dive was my first shipwreck dive, and I have to say it was pretty awesome.  The ship’s name was the SS Conche, and it was an old oil tanker that went down around 1903.  Supposedly it was one of the first oil tankers.  The front half of the boat took most of the impact, while the backside was largely still intact.

We cast anchor around the middle of the boat.  First we swam down to the back, where we saw the massive propeller, and the rudder.  That part was about 20 meters deep.  I felt slightly short of breath there.  Slowly my subconscious pushed thoughts about surfacing into my mind, which was kind of weird.  We ascended a bit, and the thoughts subsided.

On the way back to the middle we passed the crew quarters, which was still largely intact.  There was a hole on the outside, which was pretty small.  Our first divemaster gestured for us to go inside, and I thought, ‘You have to be crazy to go in there,’ as I gestured back OK.  The first divemaster went inside, while the second stayed outside to help the rest of us through.  One diver went in and then it was my turn.  There was a bit of a current, so I stalled out at the entrance, right before I was shoved through by the second divemaster.    I hovered in side the tanker for a bit before we all swam out the other end at a much wider passage.  The inside was about 3 meters tall by 5 meters wide.

After a bit we found our way back to the anchor.  At this point we split into two groups.  The people with 100 bar of air left would continue on to the front of the boat, and everyone els would ascend.  Out of the 5 divers (divemasters excluded), it was a German lady, and myself who continued on to the front of the boat.  The divemaster who was with me didn’t believe m when I gestured that I had enough air, which I chided him on later.  At the front of the boat we found a huge anchor that was probably a little larger than a person.  At the front of the boat we met a bunch of very friendly fish that swam up to our divemaster. All in all we were down there for 40 minutes.

The German lady had an underwater camera that she was taking pictures with, and she said she would send me the pictures when she got home from her trip.

Later I drank at Ranji’s house, where I learned one of his friends had ‘slept in the jungle’ after we drank the Johny walker earlier in the week.  I’m going to have to use that expression more.

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  1. Eleanor - February 6, 2010

    Wow! What a month you are having. I just caught up with your posts. The scuba diving sounds exciting…I would be afraid to do it, and would have been even at your age. I can’t remember your exact return date, but I think it is soon. Right now, you are missing an enormous snow storm in Baltimore. I have been fooling around with acrylics and I painted a portrait of you from a picture I took a while back. I like it, but your Mom doesn’t think it looks ike you. I am really looking forward to your proposed visit in Feb, and I hope it can work out.

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