Finding Some Scuba Lessons

Saturday was fairly lowkey comparatively.  I went with Danaroathna to check out some scuba training places.  They were all roughly the same price ($350 USD), though the first place wasmy cousin haggled the first place down to $280–coincidentally it was the same guy we did the boat to boat cigarette transfer a couple of days earlier.  However, the third scuba place, Posoidon, is where many of my Dad’s friends hang out.  Before I came here he told me to go to the beach, and hang out there because they would take care of me… which I haven’t been doing.  I think my dad was good friends with the previous owner, but he passed away recently and the family business got passed on to his son.  They have an English lady who does all the training which is an added plus, as I won’t have to wade through a lot of Sin Halese.

Saturday night it rained heavily.

January 15, 2010 • Tags: , • Posted in: Vacation

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