Farmer’s Market, Take Two

Sunday was fairly slow.  We went to the farmer’s market, and this time we were armed with a shopping list from my aunt.  I think we ended up spending around $15 USD.  We got: potatoes, onions, green chillies, leeks, okra (yuk), green beans, mangoes, Chinese style eggplants, another type of eggplant (small and round, but not very purple), cabbage, nareal (a greenish root vegetable that tasted like cabbage as far as I could tell), tomatoes, cucumbers, black pepper corns, limes, carrots, and sugar cane.

My Aunt scolded us for getting the sugar cane because there was some in the backyard.Sunday night we went to my cousin Chandiny’s house, though I think our visit was somewhat unexpected.  Just my aunt and I had dinner.  I think they might have eaten earlier.  Then we watched some sin halese rock concert on TV which was terrible.  Not only is the music bad, but everyone in the band stood almost completely still–no stage presence.  Also

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