Diving, Swindles, and Funerals

On Wednesday we started the scuba lesson off by going over the gear: a Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), tank, fins, and a mask.  After assembling the kit we waded into the ocean to about one meter.  Breathing underwater with the gear was a bit weird, but overall ok.  We practiced taking everything off and on, and then swimming around with the gear on.  After we went back to the classroom, and I finished off the last chapter of the course.  I took the written test and scored a 90%.

Earlier in the week, I had gone to a camera store to see if they could fix my busted camera.  At the store I had found an old 80’s style Pentax–fully manual, and the kind we used to use in high school.  I tried to buy it, but the guy at the counter asked for about $180 USD for the camera.  I felt that was suspiciously high.  Since then I had checked the ebay fair trade price on it, which came out to about 40-50 USD.  Armed with this knowledge I went back to the store.  This time there was a lady at the counter who said the camera had been damaged in the Tsunami.

Later, I grabbed a beer (Lion Lager, sized at 750 ml for about $1.30) at a local beach-side bar, and chilled for a bit before going back to the house for dinner.  After dinner I went to Neil’s father-in-law’s funeral for a hot minute, bringing the number of funerals I have attended this trip up to two (learn more about their funeral services in Florida).

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