Cheap Eats

Thursday I finally woke up early enough to go diving (8:30 AM).  Though we did not see any big fish or predators like I did on Monday, there were hundreds of smaller fish swimming just above the large rock that was the main attracktion of the dive site.  The rock was about 16 meters tall, and took about 40 minutes to swim around.  The deepest part of the dive was about 20 meters.

When we surfaced the dive master, Lal, told me I should dive the next day to because they were going to do a shipwreck dive.

After, I walked down the main drag, and got a vegetable roti, which was almost like a crepe.  It cost 100 rupees, and was the best food I’ve ever had for a dollar.  I think it was better then a lot of $10 food I have had as well.

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  1. Lauren Merz - February 3, 2010

    Roti was my personal favorite…



  2. Barbie - February 5, 2010

    Nice to hear you have gone to sl. all the best ben enjoy. friend me on facebk when u can im under the name midnite roses under ur father+brittnis friends take care

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