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Over 5 Minutes » Making a Radio/Checkbox Inputs with CakePHP

Making a Radio/Checkbox Inputs with CakePHP

CakePHP LogoWhile this was easy after I figured it out, I found it particularly annoying that there was not an easily found how-to on how to do this.  By default, CakePHP displays a many-to-one as a select drop down, and a many-to-many relationship as a multiselect (which I very rarely use or see used  in form design).

Switching the many-to-one to a radio button is fairly easy.  You do this like so:

// Display a many-to-one as a radio
echo $form->input('your-many-to-one-attribute', array('type'=>'radio'));

You can do a many-to-many with checkboxes in this slightly unintuitive manner as well:

// Display a many-to-many as checkboxes

echo $form->input('your-many-to-many-attribute',array( 'type' => 'select', 'multiple' => 'checkbox'));
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  1. Clemento - October 21, 2009

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

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