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Group Syncronizing Issues with the Directory Utility and the Active Directory Pluggin

Apple LogoAfter we implemented ILM to sync our PeopleSoft data and Active Directory accounts, I was informed by one of our Mac techs that Active Directory groups were no longer syncing with our Mac clients and servers.  Accounts created under our old process would have group memberships updated when they were updated, however the new accounts would not have their group memberships updated.

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Making a Radio/Checkbox Inputs with CakePHP

CakePHP LogoWhile this was easy after I figured it out, I found it particularly annoying that there was not an easily found how-to on how to do this.  By default, CakePHP displays a many-to-one as a select drop down, and a many-to-many relationship as a multiselect (which I very rarely use or see used  in form design).

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