Deconstructing Binaries

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Moments ago I realized I had deleted all of the source code for my provisioning scripts that run MIIS. After a moment of panic, I quickly realized that I still had my compiled DLL–now if only I could wrangle the source code out of it.  After a quick search, I found this awesome piece of software that will decompile your DLLs into C# .NET code.

Granted, the code it made doesn’t compile.  It also has some zinger lines of code like this one:

// Bogus Code Example
int VB$t_i4$L0 = length - 1;

and this one:

// Numbers as Hex Example
chPassword[i] = Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16((int) ((0x61 + rndChr) - 0x24)));

But really, that’s OK.  I can interpret, and I can convert hex numbers into decimals.

Time to go do some cleanup, and put some comments back in this code. But first I’m going to get some regularly scheduled backups on this machine.

September 30, 2009 • Tags: , , • Posted in: Technology

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