SSL Odities

We have been having a little trouble with our SSL certificate for our public website since the website redesign.  On the surface, everything seemed fine.  Various versions of IE and Firefox would display the website correctly, on both Mac and PC through an SSL connection.  Oddly enough however, when viewed with Safari on SSL we would get this fairly standard error:

This certificate was signed by an unknown authority.

Our certificate was clearly working on 3 out of 4 browsers (Firefox worked on both PC and Mac), yet safari seemed to be a stick in the mud.  After searching the internet for a solution for this, it seemed like all solutions for this dealt with the more common problem of this happening on all browsers, not just safari.

After poking through our Trusted Root Certification Authorities, it became apparent that our certificate for was not actually listed there–despite the certficate being present and working for some browsers.

In order to fix this, we simply removed and reinstalled our certificate from Thawte.

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