Reinstalling MIIS to a new Database

Recently I have been setting up a new and imporved web environement at MICA.  This has involved colapsing some of our web servers and databases onto a single machine to free up resources.  Part of this experience involved reloacating an MIIS database to a new machine.

One particularly stupid error I ran into happened while setting up the connection to the new database server, that had a restored copy of the database.  After supplying the login credintials for the SQL Server, I would recieve this message:

The service account cannot access SQL server. Ensure that the server is accessible, the service account is not a local account being used with a remote SQL Server, and that the account doesn’t already have a SQL login

I checked all my credentials over and over, yet I could not get past this error message.  Ultimately what I discovered was that our domain was cAsEsEnSiTiVe, and I was using the wrong case–lower case.

Hope this helps someone else avoid a little pointless frustration.

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