Drunken Madness

This is a guest entry by my sister.

Where to start?  Hmm… well I was sleeping (granted it was a bit early) when I was awaken by activity in the dining room.  Normally I wouldn’t have left my room, but I heard my brother (Ben) out there too so I figured it would be safe.  Out in the dining froom I discovered my brother with Ranji’s friends.  THere were 7 people all together.  Everyone was drinking and eating snacks and having a good time.  It was their little “pre-disco” party.  The highlight of this story is one of Ranji’s friends, Asanka.  He seemed like a nice guy.  Oh and he was, but with a couple of drinks in him… whew!  He kept talking about his friend “Rasta Man” (he is called this because he likes Bob Marley). Asanka would tell this story about “Rasta Man” every 5-10 minutes like we all hadn’t heard it before.  He also kept inviting me to the disco.  Everytime I told him no. 5-10 minutes later in between his story about “Rasta Man” he’d ask me again.  Now I haven’t been around too many drunken men in the past, but this time was enough for my whole life.

December 24, 2003 • Tags: , • Posted in: Vacation

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